Evan Peters-AHS “because it’s cool”

It was a bittersweet moment

What would this life be like if you were still here


Bleak and Dark New York City through the Eyes of @d_belov

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“Everyday I find special moments happening on the streets of New York—a photo shoot for ‘Batman’ on the Brooklyn Bridge, or a movie set on Fifth Avenue. Even on bleak days I could show the dynamic life in the city. These things all inspire me,” says Instagrammer Dmitry Belov (@d_belov) who moved from Volgograd, Russia to New York six months ago. “I see New York through the movement of people, cars, and events. The roads of New York are mysterious, and they mesmerize me.”


I’m based in a true story

The struggle #everyday

Why must I look to other places to find out who I am
That’s kind of disturbing

That’s kind of disturbing

My new contacts case

My new contacts case



From INTJForum

"In my experience, they’re very vibrant and friendly and they somehow manage to defeat the INTJ death stare by making us do corrupt things like laugh and smile."

itsdalanie sound familiar?